Sunday, May 27, 2007

Maybe It Is Time To Get Serious?

I don't want to spend another summer just setting around waiting on the 'fat fairy' to rescue me. So I decided I am gonna put in my request. The boys always ask me what I would really like to have. Well here it is. I used to have one about 15 years ago. Used it too. Then due to a home fire I didn't have it anymore. I tried walking, I stumble and fall. I tried a Tony Little Gazelle, nice if you can stand on your legs a long time. Hmmm...

Maybe this summer will be my turn for a change. Now I am hunting around for those videos you can watch while you ride or walk.

Anyone else use a bike? How did it work for you?
I would sure like to hear your exercise and diet story.


Tina said...

Hey Jeanie, GO girl!
We have one, standing right in the living room, I use it now and then but not on a regular basis. Will do now, alternating with my running! Will post on my blog in category "Fitness".

Karen said...

Good for you Jeanie! I need to step up my exercise too! I walk about 2 miles a day but that isn't actually helping me lose weight. I'm thinking of getting an eliptical machine and trying to do that while I knit! Maybe?? ;o)

Fiadhnat said...

Go for it, girl. I joined a gym a couple of months ago as I was approaching the big 50 (passed it last Sunday!). We have an exercycle in the bedroom but as I haven't mastered knitting whilst cycling i don't use it!!

DJ said...

Hey, you have encouraged me to start riding my recumbent bike again. Haven't used it in a long, long time. I got it at Meijer and it is very sturdy and I like the big chair-like seat. Cuz, well I got a big seat, don't ya know? I find it really easy to knit while I ride, so there really is no excuse for me to be sitting in the easy chair all the time. I waited until they had them really discounted and then got one. It seems like they really discount them every few months. If I notice them on sale, I'll give you a shout. We hardly every pay full price for anything if we can wait to get it.

yarnophiliac said...

A great thing for when riding a stationary bike is an MP3 player and knitting podcast, like Brenda dayne's Cast On or Sleepy eyes knits. If you don't have one, my hubby bought me an iPod shuffle knock-off on eBay for $20, and it works great!