Thursday, December 07, 2006

Clogs, clogs & more clogs.

I showed them to my mother. She said she would take a few pairs for gifts this year. A few pairs. TWELVE pairs. I have 12 pairs done, but some are already given out so I have 5 1/2 pairs done so far out of her 12. whew.

Now I need help. I bought Tulip Puffy Paint. HOW?? do you apply it to the soles of the slippers so they won't slip anymore? If anyone can help me with that I would sure appreciate it. Solid? Dots? Stripes?

I bought a 4 oz of white, and a 4 oz of black. Now I just need help learning to apply it.

Clog count is up 3 more pairs to 12 total finished so far.
#10 pink tops orange/rust bottoms
#11 three shades of green
#12 Patons Wool in pinks/reds top, gray bottoms
next is #13 in Patons Fall colors top, gray bottoms
then i have mixed blues, pink, purple, teal blue for tops and all with gray bottoms planned.


Mary said...

When I do my I just do whatever fits the person for the design on the bottom (ds wanted stars on his!) They will all work so just pick whichever design you feel like doing and gor for it!

stickchick said...

I agree, go for it!! I noticed some cute ballet slippers at Target with the company's name on them. What about your name or something signifying you? (or maybe not, would that be like the recipiant alway walking on you? Hehe)