Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Halloween From Me and Molly!

Happy Halloween From Molly!
This is her new house I made for her. Foam couch cushions cut up and covered in sheep flannel. All warm and cuddly inside with her toys. Her house is on my bed. No drafts for Molly this winter!


Nancy J said...

Sweet. You're lucky she'll use it! I've never had a dog that liked it's own cushion or 'house' or anything that wasn't already 'human'!

Tammy said...

Molly is such a doll!!

And YOU are the knitting queen. I wish I had to time to just whip out sock after sock!! I'm still on a pair of socks started last January. Though I have finished one sweater in there, almost three baby blankets, and several little pairs of socks and vests for CIC. I need more time!!

nana said...

Molly is such a pretty halloween motiv in her new house, bf just popped into the room. Usually he does not like photos of other peoples pets, but he asked me if this was photoshopped for halloween. Telling him it is 'all natural' made it even funner to look at for him, and I can only agree.

Hope you and molly will have years if not over a decade of fun together.


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Jeanie, That is an absolutely adorable doggie den! I'm sure Molly loves it!

You are so very talented and creative. I'm thrilled that you are sharing a bit of yourself with us on your blog. : )

Have a great week!