Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mitten thumb details. UPDATED WITH SITE PDF INFO.

I put a close up of the thumb section. I used waste yarn for 1/4 total stitches. knitted the mitten, then picked up those stitches top and bottom of the waste line plus one at each end and knitted the thumb with 4 needles shown left mitten.
here is the PDF site i got the cute little squirrel from:
hope the links work. boy are they cute mittens!


Anonymous said...

GOOD ONE! Impressed... wow gold opportunity.

Kerry said...

They are just gorgeous Jeanie! I love the hot pink and black together. I also like how you worked the squirrels in pink on one and the birds in black on the other. Very clever. You're going to be stylin' this winter!

Laura said...

Thanks so much for posting where you found the Squirrel Chart.. :) Gotta finish up two pairs of socks and then I know what I'm starting!!